I recently deployed a meteor app at Easydoneit.

The design is responsive, thanks to bootstrap. The app adapts the UI automatically to any screen size, removing buttons and features as needed.

The app is entirely reactive, thanks to meteor, all updates are reflected on all sessions instantly. Editing a text in a task on a smart phone will update the task instantly on the desktop.

Users are able to log on the app using their facebook and google account, there is also the possibility of creating accounts specific to the app.

The app has favicon, to create it I followed a few simple steps:

This example is available on github, to download the repo, run:

git clone https://github.com/RemyNoulin/favicon.git

First, create a png image and convert it to the ico format with imagemagick:

convert icon.png -resize 64x64 favicon.ico

Then copy the ico file to the public folder of the meteor app.

Finally, add a link to the ico file in the head section the html template:

  <link rel="icon" sizes="64x64" href="/favicon.ico?v=1">

The server running the app is in digital ocean, it took a few minutes to setup, I chose the $5 debian jessie droplet.

Then I bought the easydoneit.net, at first I had a web redirect to the server. I had problems with Google and Facebook account logons. So I created type A dns record for the server, now the logons work smoothly.

On the server, node runs as root because the server is on port 80.