In this post, I test running, Telescope and Wekan in docker and connect them to a single mongodb container in the hope of reusing the users across the apps.

I start all the container on a single machine:

docker run --name mongo -d mongo --smallfiles
docker run --name telescope --link mongo:db -e ROOT_URL=http://localhost -e MONGO_URL=mongodb://db -p 3000:80 -d telescopeapp/telescope:devel
docker run --name wekan --link mongo:db -e ROOT_URL=http://localhost -e MONGO_URL=mongodb://db -p 3300:80 -d mquandalle/wekan
docker run --name chat -p 3330:3000 --link mongo:mongo -d rocketchat/

To access Telescope, enter the address: http://localhost:3000/ To access wekan, enter the address: http://localhost:3300/ To access, enter the address: http://localhost:3330/

I create a user in Telescope, I log with this user in Wekan.

But logging with this user in doesn’t work, I can still create a new user in and log.