This document describes the functions in libsheepy.


libsheepy is a C library for manipulating strings in a similar way to higher level programming languages.

First download libsheepy source code, available in the git repository and check out the User Guide.

The libsheepy overview decribes the concepts and basic usage.

The libsheepy reference shows all the available macros, generics and functions with descriptions.

Sheepy is the build system linking libsheepy to C programs by default. With sheepy and libsheepy using C as a scripting language is easy.

The emphasis in libsheepy is stability. API level stability is the highest level priority. Programs using libsheepy today will run in 30 years on the latest libsheepy version. Future versions of libsheepy will be backward compatible as much as possible. Most of the time new versions will fix bugs, silence warnings from new C compilers or add new functionality.

For all functions, parameters and return values are defined and documented.

Scope and Purpose

The present document is the description of libsheepy source code.