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What is Easydoneit?

Demo - VM

Demo Database

Download and setup the demo database to get tree structure examples.

Demo Database tarball


Key features:

Tutorial Videos

The Spartatek's Channel has tutorial videos showing the basic and advanced functionality in Easydoneit Desktop. The videos are about 5 minutes long each:

Basic usage

See: Easydoneit Desktop Introduction for new users


Create a database in shared disk in a network or in service like dropbox.

Dropbox setup

  • Create a database in dropbox using File -> New Database
  • Choose a name our_data
  • in Dropbox, share the database folder
  • Setup database on other devices with File -> Setup Database, choose a name and select the database folder

Working with tasks and groups

Copy, move, cut, link


Many shortcuts are listed on: Keyboard Shortcut List

Bookmarks are accessed with Ctrl+Number shortcut as listed in the bookmark menu.