Easydoneit - Task Manager

edi cli


Change history

n.n.n / 2017-07-22

v1.19 - 2017-07-22

  • fix git support for empty edi databases

v1.18 - 2017-07-21

  • Add support for git. The databases can now be synchronized across multiple computers using git
  • Add encrypted task, gpg has to be installed in the system for the following commands. The command to create and edit an encrypted task is edi secret. The command to show the text is edi fyeo (for your eyes only), the passwords are hidden automatically on the lines starting the word password followed by a space character

v1.17 - 2016-10-16

  • Prints default database in edi data, edi select

v1.16 - 2016-10-16

  • Improves user interface: vi without parameters creates new tasks
  • Improves user interface: running commands without parameters displays the help.

v1.15 - 2015-07-23

  • Displays useful information in edi data, select and show commands

v1.14 - 2015-01-22

  • Allows spaces in path to external text editor command

v1.13 - 2015-01-20

  • Allows options for external text editor command

v1.12 - 2015-01-09

  • Opens text editor and wait until it is closed in edi cr to fixe issues on Mac OSX and Windows platform

v1.11 - 2015-01-03

  • Checks inputs before setting up a new database

v1.10 - 2015-01-01

  • Fixes issue when adding one line tasks with edi many -1

v1.9 - 2015-01-01

  • Adds edi bash to display common aliases for bash

v1.8 - 2014-12-30

  • Fixed issue regarding special character in edi add -t

v1.7 - 2014-12-26

  • Adds commands to remove colors, attachments and media from tasks

v1.6 - 2014-11-30

  • Bugfix release: Keep group order when deleting a linked task

v1.5 - 2014-11-17

  • Adds windows support

v1.4 - 2014-11-15

  • Bugfix release
  • Breaks infinite loops
  • Saves time in digital format to avoid problems with locals

v1.3 - 2014-10-18

  • Bugfix release, first stable version
  • Unittest and 100% code coverage
  • Improved user error detection.

v1.2 - 2014-09-13

  • edi merge to merge databases
  • edi media to add a sound or an image to a task
  • edi at to add attachments
  • Adds ls -t option to sort by date

v1.1 - 2014-09-11

  • Changes behavior for group, edi can have empty group. Groups are converted to task with the cv command
  • edi cv converts empty groups to tasks
  • edi user to setup username in log file
  • edi email to setup email in log file
  • edi stats generates statistic for groups. Shows start date, estimated finish date. Creates stat csvs in database root.
  • edi many to add many tasks or many groups
  • edi demo to show how to use Easydoneit CLI
  • edi list to set group list for edi -L, -La and -Lx
  • edi ls -s for sorted list by state
  • edi -L, -La, -Lx to list task in edi list
  • Bug fixes.
  • Adds logging

v1.0 - 2014-08-27

  • Handles user input errors
  • Fixes a bug edi show (print task only once)
  • Fixes reorder bug in edi rm

v00028 - 2014-08-23

  • Adds autolink command. New tasks are linked automatically to the autolink groups
  • Adds edi data -d to delete a database
  • Adds creation time in tasks, edi show shows creation time
  • Adds convert linked tasks to group, all links are deleted
  • Fixes bugs in edi reset

v00027 - 2014-08-22

  • Adds show tree st and zip commands
  • Adds edi add -t option to add text from command line
  • In edi ls, prints ids for groups

What is Easydoneit cli?

Easydoneit cli is a simple task manager for terminals, there are also a GUI version (Easydoneit Desktop) and a web interface (Easydoneit Web). The command line user interface is designed to be similar to git.

Key features

The image below presents an overview of the database structure. The database is arranged like a regular file system, each task has attributes to keep track of the state.


How to use Easydoneit cli?

The manual describes the common use cases Easydoneit cli manual

The command edi without parameter displays the help, the help for current version is here (edi help)

Easydoneit install demo

This video shows how to install Easydoneit with apt (Debian/Ubuntu).

Demo database

Here is a demo database with tree structures for common use. Demo Database tarball

What platforms are supported?

Microsoft Windows and Unix style platforms: linux distribution, mac os x, cygwin

Install and Downloads

Version 1.19

Easydoneit tarball

To run edi from the tarball, python2 needs to be installed on the system.

Easydoneit deb package

Ubuntu Snappy

Run in a terminal:

apt-get install snapd
snap install edi
alias edi=/snap/edi/current/bin/edi


For debian apt setup, add this source to your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb http://spartatek.se/packages/ unstable/


apt-get install easydoneit

Easydoneit cli depends on python 2.7.

Virtual Machine (demo)

The Easydoneit database through many user interfaces. In the VM, three interfaces are configured:

  • Easydoneit CLI (Command line interface)
  • Easydoneit Desktop (GUI - Graphical User Interface)
  • Easydoneit Web (Access the Easydoneit database through a website, generate slideshows from groups in Easydoneit, display statistics)

Run tar xvjf Easydoneit_cli_vm.tar.bz2 to extract the VM.

Easydoneit VM (about 1.2GB)

With the 'edi html' command, an html page for a group is generated, here is the result for the demo database in the virtual machine:

Demo database

Virtual Machine screenshot:


Easydoneit Web

The web interface (edi web) allows users to browse an easydoneit database and show the stats of a group in a graph. The most convenient way to install edi web is to use docker.

The url for edi web is:


Slide example:


Statistics example:


Docker setup

Docker is a system to build containers and ship them to server. Edi web is in a docker image ready to use (edi web docker image). Below are the instructions to setup the easydoneit database for use with edi web and setup edi web's docker image. Lets assume the location of the easydoneit database is ~/easydoneit_data (default).

Easydoneit database setup:

cd ~/easydoneit_data
touch stats.csv
sudo chown www-data:www-data stats.csv
touch stats_creation_done_inactive.csv
sudo chown www-data:www-data stats_creation_done_inactive.csv

Install the docker package from apt and ship edi web's docker image (note: enter the absolute path to easydoneit_data, ie /home/<user>/easydoneit_data)

sudo apt-get install docker.io
sudo docker run --name edi_web -d -p 50000:80 -p 50443:443 -v /home/<user>/easydoneit_data:/var/www/easydoneit_data remynoulin/easydoneitweb:v1.14

Then the url to edi web is:


Install video showing the steps above.

Source code

The source code is available at:

Easydoneit cli - Git Repo

Setting up a search engine for Easydoneit

The search engine used in this setup is Xapian in a docker container. With the search engine, the search results are fast and it is possible to search for complex queries: multiple words, word subtraction, boolean logic...

Steps to follow: