Alimer is an alarm clock app that combines skillfully alarms and timers. The alarm list shows how much time is left before your alarms trigger. The timers show when they will trigger and are similar to alarms. (available on Apple Watch)

Key Features

  • A single list with alarms and timers
  • Available for iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Android
  • On/Off in list to enable or disable alarms
  • Weekly repeat
  • Snooze
  • Pre-alarm
  • Night mode
  • User settings
  • Long alarm sound list to choose from
  • Alarm list saved in iCloud
  • Landscape and portrait orientations
  • Complication for easy access in Apple Watch

Download the iOS app from App Store or the Android app from Play Store

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How much time do I have left until next meeting? 35mn

How much time do I have left in the meeting? 1h 50m


How much time do I have left until flight to Paris? 3h

How much time do I have left until arrival in Paris? 4h 25m


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